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  Randy Belisle
  Castle Rock, CO

  Robert DeRouchey
  Fort Collins, CO

  Rob Stewart
  Palmer Lake, CO

  Scotty Soder
  Cheyenne, WY

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Race Tracks
Path Valley Speedway park
270 Micro Sprint Race track in Spring Run PA.

Linda Speedway
270 Micro Sprint race track in Jonestown, Pa.

Trail-Way Speedway
270 Micro Sprint Race track in Hangover PA.

Airport Speedway
270 Micro Sprint Race track in New Castle, DE.

Miller Speedway
Miller Speedway is a half-mile, brown-prairie-clay, slightly-banked, oval track located in central South Dakota.

Sweet Springs Motorsports
270 Micro Sprint Race track at Sweetspring MS.

I-76 Speedway
270 Micro Sprint track at Fort Morgan Colorado

Delta Speedway
Micro Sprint track at Stockton CA.

Plaza Park Raceway
600 Micro Sprint Race track at Visalia, CA

Lemoore Raceway
600 Micro Sprint Race track at Lemoore, CA

Airport Raceway
600 Micro Sprint Race track at Garden City, KS

Deming Speedway
600 Micro Sprint Race track at Deming, WA

Other Websites
6 Sigma Business
Six Sigma Business Solutions is a provider of Six Sigma methodology training at all levels. Through these performance improvement methodologies, your company can increase their bottom line significantly. DeRouchey Designs Web Site

Backwoodsman Magazine
Founded in 1980, the Backwoodsman magazine is a bi-monthly publication dedicated to the preservation of Old Frontier living, primitive hunting and fishing, tool and weapons lore, and wilderness survival. Each issue is packed with information, projects and adventures associated with this unique period of North American history.

Empowering each student to succeed. Catch the vision. Centennial High School in Fort Collins, Colorado. DeRouchey Designs Web Site.

Insulite Labs
Insulite Laboratories is dedicated to reversing Insulin Resistance.

My Son High School Wrestling
My Son High School Wrestling. DeRouchey Designs Web Site.

Summit Learning
Online Children's Educational Catalog. DeRouchey Designs Web Site.

DR Metal Art
Only the highest quality materials and craftsmanship is used in developing our art work.

CC Racer
The Only Magazine for Micro Sprints.

Driver Aids
» Honda Bore and Stroke Chart
» CR250 92-01 Gearing Chart
» KX250 97-98 Gearing Chart
» RM250 89-92 Gearing Chart
» RM250 93-95 Gearing Chart
» DeRouchey Racing Set-Up Sheet
» MicroSprint Setup Sheet (excel)
» MicroSprint 6" Shock Chart

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