PCOS Symposium

Designed a postcard to be used at the PCOS Symposium. Worked with the printing company to take this project from Design to Print to Delivery.

Insulite Company Letterhead

Designed and maintained updates to company letterhead as needed.

Community Message Board

Created a postcard that was to be used to invite customer’s to join a company’s message board/forum.

Everyone Has a Story

Created a postcard design for Insulite that would be included in their shipments. The purpose of this card was to prompt their customer’s to submit a testimonial.

PCOS Monthly Letter

Designed a general format to be used as a monthly letter that is inserted into each shipment that goes out once a month.

Feature Winner Sticker

Designed a sticker to be handed out to the feature winners of a race for the Colorado Outlaws 270 Micro Sprint organization.

Driver’s Postcards

On fan appreciation night the driver’s like to hand out postcards. The recipients like to request the driver’s autograph their cards. Here are 3 postcards designed for Robert DeRouchey.    

Floral Postage Stamps

Designed 3 floral postage stamps for 3 different states.

Spa Bottle

Project was to create an advertisement poster that included a bottle. This poster needed to include items of specularity.

Bear Country

Visited Bear Country and wanted an 11″x17″ poster to display in office. Project developed out of 3 separate photos. Instead of a collage, the 3 photos were merged to give the appearance of 1 image.

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