National Association of Professional Women

National Association of Professional WomenDana DeRouchey is a member of the National Association of Professional Women.

The National Association of Professional Women (NAPW) is an exclusive network for professional women to interact, exchange ideas, educate, and empower.  NAPW members enjoy a wealth of resources, benefits, and services dedicated to enhancing their lives and promoting their businesses and careers.

NAPW provides seminars, podcasts, webinars, keynote speakers, and educational tools, fostering critical skills that enable their members to achieve personal and career success.

Through their wide-reaching network, members discover new opportunities to connect, grow, learn, and inspire. They provide an exclusive online platform to showcase their businesses and gain exposure for professional endeavors.

NAPW also supports and endorses a diverse syndicate of charities and nonprofit organizations focused on women’s issues and child wellness.

The NAPW Mission

Our Mission is to provide the most advanced forum for members to connect with like-minded professional women to develop innovative business and social relationships. We continuously offer our members the resources and benefits necessary to foster professional and personal success.

The NAPW Brand Promise

The National Association of Professional Women is a trusted place for professional women to Connect, Learn, Grow, and Inspire.

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