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Insulite LaboratoriesProvided content updates (graphics, Flash, HTML, PHP). Implemented file management system for this growing company.

Testimonial: “There is an old naval aviation salutation, “Bravo Zulu” which is only acknowledged when someone does a “above and beyond the call of duty” task. Thank you so much for meeting the deadlines with Richard and our recent email campaign. Richard said he really loved working with you. We know how great a job you have been doing for us. We just don’t say it enough…..Bravo Zulu”
- Thanks George, JW, Neal, Richard

Consulted on changes and improvements to existing sites as Director of Information Services. Was responsible for professional integration and daily management of a variety of technologies which included multiple shopping carts. Managed the email campaign projects sent out weekly. Created the (HTML and Text) support and promotional messages. Administrated the mailing lists of both prospects and customers. Set up phone system for the company which included voice messages being translated to text and sent via email when appropriate. Set up online chat function to help the customer service team better support the clients. Set up a customer survey form to collect useful information and feedback. Worked closely with fulfillment house to ensure systems run effectively and efficiently. Collected Data, Ran Reports and provided summaries and overviews to the necessary departments (operational reports).

PCOSWorked with various teams on SEO projects to maintain and improve search rankings. Worked closely on Social Media Marketing projects to ensure all web assets tied together where appropriate.

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Implemented both a forum and a blog with user friendly administrative backends for easy maintenance. Trained users (editors) and provide user support when needed. Also acted as an editor by creating and publishing posts on the behalf of those individuals not able to do so themselves. Updated blog and forum applications when needed for security fixes and new functionality.

As time passed, the original blog template design grew to be outdated. Applied new template design skin to give an updated look and feel while keeping the same content.

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