Archive for Poster Designs

Floral Postage Stamps

Designed 3 floral postage stamps for 3 different states.

Spa Bottle

Project was to create an advertisement poster that included a bottle. This poster needed to include items of specularity.

Bear Country

Visited Bear Country and wanted an 11″x17″ poster to display in office. Project developed out of 3 separate photos. Instead of a collage, the 3 photos were merged to give the appearance of 1 image.

Senior Night

Designed individual 11″x17″ posters for all the Poudre High School Senior Class Wrestlers showcasing their Senior Year. All photos used were taken by Dana DeRouchey. Here are a couple examples. Testimonial: “I Love it. Thank you so very much!” – Brandon and Dylan  

Racer’s Toolbox

The project was to create an alphabet poster using photos of items within a racing theme to represent the letters and numbers of an alphabet.

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